Packaging design

What does the packaging design say about your product?

The brand image and its promotion are not just names, advertisements and words. The graphic design and visual associations are equally if not more important. This is confirmed by the results of eye tracking research – consumers "buy with their eyes", "scan" store shelves looking for specific goods that they recognize by their packaging. Therefore, packaging design is a very important element of your branding.


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Packaging is one of the key elements for the customer in making a purchase decision, and for your company one of the decisive aspects that affects the increase in sales and brand recognition.

A cohesive and thoughtful packaging design has an impact on shaping the image of your brand. The packaging serves a communicative function, by visually showcasing to the customer what it can offer and promise. Therefore, regardless of whether your product is displayed on a store shelf or offered online, it should look good and… stand out from others!

Packaging design is a process during which we focus not only on the external appearance of the packaging and its aesthetics, i.e. such elements as: graphics, colours, text, but also on the very shape of the packaging itself and what your customer will find inside. When creating a packaging, we know that every time its design must speak faster and more effectively than words. The design of the packaging should catch the eye, grab attention, provide tactile experiences and communicate the convenience of use. The purchase decision is made in the consumer's mind within a few seconds, which is why your product needs to stand out in order to be noticed.

Why is packaging design important?

Packaging is an important element in building the customer's purchasing path and reaching a specific target group. Well-designed packaging not only appeals to the recipients' taste and encourages them to reach for the product on the shelf. The shape, opening method, convenience of use and functionality of the product determine what associations and emotions it will evoke in the customer.

Sometimes it is the need for simplicity and functionality. The customer expects the packaging to fulfil its function, e.g. to keep the product fresh. At times, it is necessary to emphasize a specific value to capture the consumer's interest in the first place. However, quite often more is required – packaging design calls for the use of appropriate textures, high-quality die cuts, premium paper, embossing, etc. In such cases, the design of the packaging, even before the customer interacts with the right product, shows that he/she is dealing with something special and unique.

We have created more than one hundred graphic packaging designs

We leverage our experience to build a connection with customers, stimulate their imagination, and evoke emotions through packaging design. We want him/her to feel that what he/she looks at and then takes in his/her hands is directed at him/her. It is this product that perfectly meets his needs – no other.

The choice of graphic design of the packaging is an important decision, significantly affecting the consumer's perception of the brand. We have created a process that we have already implemented with many companies and we know that the product which appears on the shelves of stores and e-commerce websites will contribute to the success and development of your brand.

What's more, in the cycle of packaging creation, we take into account technological processes and costs of packaging production and transport. Today, when sales processes are often carried out online and products are delivered to customers by mail, durable packaging and its functions are more important than ever. Therefore, it is necessary to create projects that meet the requirements of a modern customer.

Packaging design is our specialty

Our executions include projects created for both large, nationwide companies and medium-sized enterprises. We take into account the strategic assumptions of the brand (strategy) and we weave creative solutions into them. Thanks to this approach, we create projects that resonate with the hearts and minds of consumers, making a real contribution to the success of the brand. You can find them in our portfolio. If you appreciate the results of our work, feel free to contact us and get your brand ready for success!

Do you appreciate the results of our work? Feel free to contact us.

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