We understand that choosing a graphic design project is a highly subjective decision, which is why we have developed a coherent and clear model of the design process. Our clients have experienced its effectiveness.


„I hereby declare that Rebrand, based in Wrocław, has successfully provided services for Familijna Bakery in the areas of rebranding the Familijna brand, designing packaging for bakery products, and creating comprehensive visual identity for the Familijna brand. I confirm that Rebrand is a professional and trustworthy business partner. The services are carried out diligently, with the highest attention to detail and within the agreed timeframe, considering the well-being, needs, and full satisfaction of the client. Over the years, Rebrand has repeatedly proven its professionalism, knowledge and rich experience. It is a collaboration at the highest level.”
Witold Kowalczyk


„We started our collaboration with Rebrand branding studio in 2015 with a success! It was the introduction of a new stain-resistant paint Bondex Smart Paint. Later, Rebrand worked on the development of the Bondex SP product line and BTL materials. Together, we also modified the packaging line of Bondex products for wood. Rebrand is a company that delivers services of a very high standard. Their competence, reliability, and pleasant business atmosphere make us highly recommend the Rebrand team as a professional and trustworthy partner.”
Aneta Jarosz-Pałach
Brand Managers Leader
Architectural Coatings

PCC Kosmet

„In 2018, Rebrand designed packaging for a large line of Brilless brand products for us. The topic was difficult, but our collaboration went very smoothly. Rebrand is a professional, creative company with high work standards. I recommend Rebrand as a trustworthy business partner.”
Mikołaj Klonowski
Brand Manager Brilless
PCC Kosmet


„We started working with Rebrand in 2014. The task we gave the studio was to design and prepare for printing approx. 40 breakfast product packages within 30 days... Despite the pressure of time, Rebrand did an excellent job! They are a professional, creative, and trustworthy company.”
Agata Młodkowska
Brand Manager
Tesco Poland


„We started working with Rebrand in 2014 when we were introducing a new line of Mura bars. Rebrand Studio designed excellent packaging for this product. Rebrand is a company with very high competencies, creativity, and dedication to the project. Communication is exemplary, precise and very pleasant.”
Diana Georgieva
Product Manager


„We started working with Rebrand Studio in 2013, and we have been continuously collaborating to this day. During this time, the agency successfully helped us introduce several new product lines under the Augusto brand. Rebrand proposed their own naming, attractive and modern graphic design, photography, iconography, all tailored to the target group. The packaging turned out to be so versatile that we successfully sell them on both the Polish and many other European markets. Throughout our collaboration, we experienced professionalism, creativity, extensive experience, reliability, and timeliness from the company. We feel understood and fully engaged in our projects.”
Leszek Grochulski
Marketing Director


„We have been collaborating with Rebrand, a branding agency, since 2016. From the very beginning, the agency embraced us with their professionalism and creativity. The collaboration runs very smoothly, keeping all deadlines and achieving the assumed goals. During our cooperation, the agency was responsible for creating graphic concept for the packaging of a new product line, which we have been developing together to this day. So far, the agency has created individual packaging for 34 products, along with the preparation of sales support materials. We are very satisfied with the results of our collaboration, as our packaging generates interest and stands out clearly on store shelves. I highly recommend Rebrand as a trustworthy business partner.”
Beata Mielcarek
Head of Marketing of Profi Europe Sp. z o.o.


„The Regional Dairy Cooperative in Piątnica has been collaborating with the Rebrand studio for many years. The projects we develop together include packaging for current and new product categories and lines. Studio Rebrand listens to the needs and expectations of the client, proposing modern, clear design, that are in line with trends and stand out in their attention to detail. Collaborating with Rebrand ensures a fast response, flexibility, and commitment.”
Beata Tomczyk
Marketing Coordinator
OSM in Piątnica

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