Graphic Studio

In our graphic agency, we have created many brand identities that have strengthened their position in the market, stood out from the rest, and achieved success. That's because at Rebrand, we understand the essence of a brand and know our work well. We are a design studio that creates branding, strengthening the bond between the brand and the consumer, telling stories about emotions, values and the unique character of the brand. Thanks to many years of experience, we know what your business needs.

Our MISSION IS TO take care of your brand and deliver projects at the highest level. We want every client collaborating with our graphic studio to feel safe and confident, knowing that they are entrusting an important part of their company's marketing to the right professionals. We have an individual approach to each client – we talk, advise and collaborate.

What do we do?


Strong branding is the foundation of a strong brand. It will help you build a credible brand image and set the right direction for its development. The visual identification system and proper logo design by the graphic studio guarantee that your brand will be perceived exactly as defined in the strategy.

Packaging design

We know that packaging design plays a strategic role in brand perception. Eye-tracking studies confirm this – your customers "buy with their eyes"! In our design studio, we create effective packaging that increases sales by 100% or even 200% for some of our clients. Packaging design is the result of strategy and creation. Therefore, when creating packaging designs for our clients, we strictly adhere to strategic guidelines, while leaving room for creative concepts and solutions.

Web design

We also build a professional brand image online by creating designs that meet customer expectations and increase brand value. Our specialists will design your company's website with a user-friendly interface and a modern graphic design. We will create a functional and effective website for both small and larger businesses. We implement all graphic concepts in accordance with the defined key visual – and if the project requires it, we set visual trends tailored to your brand.


The name determines the fate of the brand. It can determine its failure or success. In the process of creating a brand name for our clients, we focus on all aspects of the brand. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the brand, determine its individual characteristics. This forms the basis for creating a "good" name – one that allows your brand to become recognizable.

Have you thought about rebranding your brand?

Our Tools

In our daily work on effective branding and rebranding, we use three proven proprietary tools. Thanks to them, we can precisely define the goal of our activities, and guarantee you the best results.

Convention map

It allows us to accurately determine the essential characteristics that a brand's packaging should have in order to stand out on the shelf, be the customers' first choice, and increase sales results. At the same time, it meets the requirements consistent with the visual identity of the company.


It facilitates the analysis of design trend ideas and adapts the creation of the brand's packaging to the most current ones.

Inspiration Map

It is a collection of graphic elements that enable us to create optimal and effective packaging for the brand.

Design Thinking

We create new products and services based on a deep understanding and analysis of problems and user needs. To achieve this, we employ specific working methods that stimulate creativity.

Our team

The optimal size of our graphic studio team allows us to provide highly individualized attention to our clients. We are a branding studio with years of experience in the advertising industry, specializing in creating brand identities. We have created and successfully carried out the rebranding of many large and small brands from scratch. For better communication with customers and even greater efficiency of our activities, we consciously chose not to have an elaborate company structure.