What is branding, or brand image?

Why do people associate certain company names while completely overlook others? And how is it that when asked about specific products or services, we are able to list the names of certain brands that produce them, while others escape our memory? This is due to effective branding, which involves creating brand awareness and building a specific image in the eyes of customers. This way, a particular brand appears in the consumer's mind and stays there. Do you want strong branding? We will help you create it.


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What products do you keep coming back to?

A coherent visual identity system allows consumers to recognize a brand through specific, distinctive elements. Now think about your favourite brand. Whether it's shoes, clothes, perfume or a gym, your mind visualizes the packaging, colours, maybe even the logo and advertising slogans. Arguments come to mind that explain why you always choose and buy that particular product. You know and understand why you trust that brand and what values convince you.

Does your logo need refreshing?

That's why branding is important for your business.

When the customer trusts a brand, he identifies with it, feels the value of the brand and keeps coming back to it, his user experience is positive, leading him to recommend it to others This directly translates into increased sales and recognition. Creating this connection and building a strong brand is an important and delicate process. Our branding agency is based on experience – we have created our own, proprietary tools that help us design memorable visual identities. These include:

  • a convention map, which determines the characteristics of your brand's packaging;
  • an RDE map which facilitates precise analysis of design trends and adjusts brand image creation to the most current ones;
  • an inspiration map, which includes graphic elements to help us gather inspirational materials and create effective branding for your brand.

What if branding doesn't work?

If you know your product, its recipients, their needs and expectations well and you create tailor-made branding – then you can't fail! However, there are situations in which it is worth entrust professionals with rebranding, which means taking a closer look at the visual identity of the company and updating it Restyling the logo, creating a new slogan - we will determine what is best for the effectiveness of your brand and actions!

Rebranding – an evolution, not revolution

Clients decide to undergo rebranding in several key situations. The first is when the original branding was not executed professionally and does not deliver the expected results. The second is when a company is growing, changing, evolving, and it becomes necessary to modernize the visual identity and align it with the scale of the business. The third is when a client plans to reach a new group of consumers but wants to refresh the brand image in a way that does not discourage loyal existing customers who have been with the brand for a long time.

Is your company in need of branding or rebranding?
We'll take care of it!

All these processes require many important decisions that may decide the brand's “to be or not to be” on the market. Therefore, they should be carefully planned and implemented. Our team consists of dedicated professionals with many years of experience who will provide comprehensive advertising services for each project. We rely on our set of skills that we have developed over many years of professional activity and follow the principle that every project should be implemented pursuant to our knowledge and craftsmanship.

We will effectively and wisely take care of your brand – trust us. You are in safe hands. We believe that communication is key to mutual success. Therefore we have in-depth conversations with our clients in order to get to know their brand, products, expectations and needs of consumers as well as the challenges and goals they set for their business. On this basis, we develop preliminary designs, which we improve in accordance with the suggestions and decisions made by the client, in order to present the best possible version of the finished product.

When working with us, you can be sure that you will receive a coherent and clear vision of how to use the potential of effective branding and communicate your product to sell more. Contact us and let us become your brand stylists!

Have you thought about rebranding your company?

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What is branding?

Branding is a set of activities on the design of a brand that has never before operated in the market. It is a process of creating and shaping brand awareness and managing its image. Branding encompasses building a brand identity and maintaining a unique, positive image of the brand, which form and message makes it stand out in the market. Effective branding ensures that the brand is recognisable among a specific target group, evokes certain emotions in consumers, builds trust and loyalty, aiding in the creation of long-lasting relationships with customers. Consistent visual identity plays an essential role in this process. Therefore, branding is focused on creating a recognisable, strong image of the brand through aspects such as: an appropriate brand name and slogan, logo design, corporate colours, and unique values, mission, and communication with which customers can identify.

What are the components of branding?

Key elements of branding that influence the building of a brand's image include primarily:

  1. Brand name – should be unique, easy to remember, and associated with the brand.
  2. Logo – an easily identifiable graphic symbol or emblem that represents the brand. The logo is a graphic form that allows for visual identification of a company, strongly defines the brand, and gives it a unique character.
  3. Visual identity – consistent colours, fonts, patterns, and other visual elements that are used in the brand's marketing communication.
  4. Values and mission – the values, goals, and mission of the brand, which articulate its essence and convey its uniqueness.
  5. Communication – consistent brand communication, both in advertisements, social media, and in direct interactions with customers.
  6. Customer experience – creating a positive customer experience at every stage of interaction with the brand, from first contact to purchase and after-sales service.

Why is branding important for your brand?

Branding is essential for your brand because it helps build recognition, trust, loyalty among customers, and brand value. Effective brand management can give your brand a competitive edge (makes it stand out from other brands) and accelerate its success in the market. Building and creating a brand image is an important element that greatly affects later profits. If a brand has good reputation among customers, it is also easier to introduce new products to the market and attract customer interest.

Visual identity – why is it necessary for a brand?

Visual identity (corporate identity) is not just a modern logo. These are all visual and graphic aspects associated with a brand's communication that build the credibility of your business. A visual identity system is one of the crucial elements of branding, so it should be coherent and well-thought-out. The basic elements of visual identity are: logo, colour palette, and typography. Remember that consistent visual identification is a fundamental tool for creating a brand image in the market.

It allows you to present the brand and its products in a unique way, organise the components of the image, and position your company in the industry. The task of our branding agency is to highlight the distinctive features of your business, which should be emphasised in the logo design and visual identity system. Creating a cohesive visual identity requires a brand book, a guideline that contains all the rules and guidelines defining the correct use of the brand logo, e.g., on products and company graphic materials. The main aim of the brand book is to ensure consistency in creating the brand image at all points of contact with the customer.

What is rebranding?

Rebranding, or otherwise brand redesign, differs from branding in that it is carried out for companies that already operate in the market. Rebranding is the process of changing their image or marketing strategy to attract new customers or rebuild the trust of existing ones. This process may include changing the name, restyling the logo, replacing colours, marketing communication, and other elements of the brand's visual identity. Rebranding is often used in the case of changes in business objectives, company restructuring, introduction of new products or services, adjustment to changing market trends, or repairing a damaged brand image.

What are the benefits of rebranding?

Rebranding brings many benefits for your brand. Refreshing the brand can attract the attention of new customers and generate interest among existing ones, help in building the brand's image, marketing communication, and make it stand out in the market. If you are interested in adapting your brand to changing market trends and customer preferences, the rebranding process can help you update the brand's image and strengthen its competitiveness.

Rebranding can help your brand reach new market segments and a new target group, and thus increase the brand's reach and value. As a result, you will generate higher sales profits and develop the business. On the other hand, if the brand has image problems, rebranding usually supports the repair of the damaged reputation. Recreating the brand's image anew can restore customer trust and their willingness to engage with the brand.

However, you should remember that rebranding is a process that requires careful planning, market research and analysis, and consultations with marketing specialists and experts from a graphic design studio who will work on the new graphic representation of the brand.

What is brand design?

Brand design is the comprehensive development of a brand strategy and its design in accordance with the mission and values of your company. Brand design encompasses both the area of branding and rebranding. The process of creating and shaping a brand's visual image involves designing elements such as: a logo, colour scheme, fonts, graphics, promotional materials, and other visual elements that represent the brand and convey its values, personality, and uniqueness to the audience. Good brand design takes into account the preferences and expectations of the target group, attracts attention but also communicates value and impacts the emotions of customers, building a lasting connection with the brand.

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