Tytan Professional

We began our collaboration with Selena by winning a tender to carry out the rebranding process for the Tytan Professional product line. As a recognized leader in the industry of new and innovative construction chemical technologies, the brand needed a strong branding that would reflect the powerful characteristics of its products.

OWe developed a comprehensive brand design for two products in the line: Power Adhesive and Power Sealant. Our idea for the creation of the brand was based on the concept of a brand hero and integrating it with the Tytan logo. reminiscent of a superhero figure, expresses the essential qualities of the brand: strength, confidence, and professionalism.

The graphic design of the packaging stands out with a well-structured and distinctive label layout, free from unnecessary "decorations". The label background features a brushed copper texture, emphasizing the premium nature of the product. The bold typography is structured and legible, allowing the recipient to quickly grasp key messages and product benefits.

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