Holistic Therapy

Natural Medicine Clinic

Holistic Therapy is a clinic offering diagnostics and treatments based on Chinese medicine, psychotherapy, herbal medicine, exercises, homeopathy, and aromatherapy. The holistic approach to patients focuses on restoring harmony in all areas of their lives, rather than just treating a specific organ or ailment. To emphasize and properly visualize the key aspects of Holistic Therapy's services, we designed the brand image from scratch. We created a concept for the company's visual identity system, which includes:

  • logotype,
  • corporate materials,
  • marketing materials,
  • interior design concept that aligns with the company's visual strategy,
  • product packaging design

The main element of the brand identity is the letter "H, the design of which reflects the main ideas of the brand. It is constructed with soft, organic lines, and its smoothly closed form symbolizes the entirety of the organism and harmonious life. In the graphic design, we used light, pastel colours that express calmness and naturalness – qualities inherent in the brand's DNA.

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