The Latin word "genesis" means birth, beginning, the creation of something... It also inspired Gloger Brewery, a producer of regional craft beers, who created a recipe for three luxury beers under this name. Our task was to develop branding for a new series of beverages. According to the advertising brief, the main goal of the project was to evoke a sense of travel and exploration, new places, and regional flavours.

When preparing the graphic design of packaging and labels, we chose a different background color and graphics for each type of beer, referring to the 18th-century aesthetics. We wanted the dark colours to emphasize the class, mystery and character of the premium brand. Therefore, all compositions are consistent, they are connected by legible, gold typography, the Genesis logo and background graphics stylized as the world map.

The product's creation is complemented and crowned by the packaging of the bottles in the form of elegant cartons. All the elements used communicate the premium quality and uniqueness of the beverages.

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