Dark Sail

Gloger craft brewery brews its beers using true brewing craftsmanship. Our task was to create a strong and characteristic branding for their new, luxurious Dark Sail beer – Imperial Baltic Porter.

The producer wanted the brand design to generate interest among the target group – beer enthusiasts, seekers of new flavours and craft beverage aficionados. Hence, it was important to emphasize the beer's exceptional character and unconventional taste. Therefore, we focused on creating a unique packaging design that also tells the brand's story.

The main focal point in the graphic design of the packaging is the bold logotype. We rendered it in an uncompromising, strong white font and placed it on a black label background, creating a contrasting colour scheme. This approach effectively captures attention and communicates the product's high quality. The packaging design is minimalist and elegant. The subtle yet intense "purple pattern" forms the name Dark Sail, written in Morse code, which harmonizes perfectly with the black glass bottle. The dark purple colour accentuates the beer's mystery and exceptional flavour, which has the aroma of plums and whiskey. An ornamental, double-coated cardboard box is an integral part of the packaging, emphasizing the premium nature of the product.

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