Recycling of Electric Waste

Ecopixel is a rapidly growing company specializing in comprehensive recycling of electronic waste, including used electronic and electrical equipment. The disposal of such waste consists in dividing it into smaller groups, which are subjected to recovery, recycling and neutralization of harmful substances.

The company entrusted us with a comprehensive branding project, in which the key role was to prepare the concept of the brand's visual identity system. It included graphic elements such as:

  • logotype,
  • corporate materials,
  • marketing materials,
  • building branding,
  • vehicle branding,
  • labelling of containers for small-size eco-waste,
  • employee clothing branding.

Green pixels which make up the logo are the main element of the identity. Its emblem is formed by combining the letters "e" and "p." The pixels symbolize the ecological management of electronic waste and express the company's main goal.

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