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Zdjęcie: POP'N Chrup
POP'N Chrup

Under actions for Sante brand we have worked on: popcorn snack package design and creation of name. We proposed packaging design that is associated with fun and is targeted to young group of recipients. To reinforce the impact of product on a shelf, we have reached for intense and contrast colours that draw attention. We have reinforced the message using realistic and tasty images of snack and flavouring. The name had to render the snack nature of product and teenage style of communication – this goal was achieved thanks to combination of Polish and English. Pop’n Chrup are snacks, which perfectly fit a party – we have emphasised this fact by using free, teenage fonts of various sizes in the logotype.

Sante POP’N Chrup - Rebrand Group
Sante POP’N Chrup - Rebrand Group
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