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Zdjęcie: Masło Ekstra
Masło Ekstra

Natural and delicious products of Piątnica have won the hearts of millions of Poles. It’s so, since the company is concerned with the opinions and needs of the consumers, thus adapting the offered products to their expectations. No other was this time round – for the traditional, natural butter, made exclusively from just one ingredient, we have prepared a fresh packaging design. In order to draw the attention of conscious consumer and to underline the natural origin of the product, we have applied graphical elements maintained in a soft, rustical style. Clear, bright and orderly layout communicates the key advantages of the product and ensures their good perception. Soft and creamy taste of homely butter is stressed by the white colour with the shades of gold. The “Masło Ekstra” Logo we have designed using light, simple and legible typography.

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