At our design studio, we have designed packaging for over a hundred products, which have influenced consumer choices and decisions.

By devising a PACKAGING, we are creating a bond between a given brand and a consumer, we share emotions, values, and unique nature of a brand – put it simply, we make it stand out from the rest. A WELL-DESIGNED PACKAGING is a reflection of a brand’s position. Hence, by designing PACKAGINGS, we support brands in their development and let them become more pronounced.

What do we do?

Strong branding translates into brand strength. It guarantees right direction of brand development and is conclusive when it comes to brand’s image. It means that brand is perceived exactly as it has been determined in the strategy.
We realise, that packaging plays a strategic role in the perception of a brand. It’s a resultant of strategy and creation. By designing packagings for our customers, we are strictly observing strategic assumptions, while at the same time leaving the room for implementing creative solutions.
A well devised strategy lets realise all business goals, which are posed for a given brand. By creating a strategy for our clients, we take into account the specifics of brand, its environment and individual needs. In this way, we achieve the desired results.
Name determines the fate of a given brand. It may determine its failure or else provide it the strength. While devising names for our clients, we tend to focus on all aspects of brand. We analyse its weaknesses and the strengths, we define the individual traits. Only this way, we are capable of coming up with a good name, which would let a given brand stand out.

The tools

Our proven methods and the tools we use, enable us to define precisely and reach the goals.

Convention map

Lets us precisely define, which are the indispensable characteristics, which a given brand’s packaging should have, so that it may be discernible on shop shelf and at the same time fulfil the assumptions of product category.

RDE map

Analyses trends in design ideas and updates brand’s packaging.

Inspiration map

It's a collection of graphical elements, which lets us create optimal packaging for a brand.

Clients and references

We realise, that selecting a graphics design project is a very subjective decision, and so we have devised a coherent and straightforward model of design process.





PCC CP Kosmet

PPG Deco Polska
Profi Europe



Our team

Optimal size of our team lets us take an individual approach to each customer.

We are a design studio with a multiannual experience in advertising sector, which specialises in creating packagings. It was a thought-out decision on our part not to go into extensive structure, and to channel our efforts to perfect our communication with the clients, which is a guarantee of the effectiveness of our measures.

  • Jarosław Krawczyk

  • Magdalena Fassa

  • Agnieszka Krawczyk

  • Dominika Mrożek-Korpecka

  • Małgorzata Mańkowska

  • Agata Domańska-Kasprzak

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