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About us

We are experts on packagings. We support brands in their development and help them become even stronger.

Naszym zadaniem było odświeżenie marki Dekoral. Zaprojektowaliśmy logo nawiązujące do znaku, który obowiązywał od 1998 roku. Opracowaliśmy też System Identyfikacji Wizualnej.
Zmiana logotypu jest odzwierciedleniem nowej strategii marketingowej, której celem jest przede wszystkim wzmocnienie wizerunku brandu Dekoral jako marki nowoczesnej, modnej i prestiżowej, czerpiącej z tradycji, a jednocześnie stale poszukującej innowacji i kreującej rynkowe trendy. Najbardziej charakterystycznym elementem nowego logo jest kolorowa gwiazda, która symbolizuje bogatą ofertę produktów marki Dekoral, a widoczny w niej ślad pędzla jednoznacznie kojarzy się z kategorią farb. Subtelnie zaokrąglona, a jednocześnie mocna czcionka nadaje logotypowi nowoczesny charakter.

Dekoral - branding - Rebrand Group
Dekoral - branding - Rebrand Group
Dekoral - branding - Rebrand Group
Dekoral - Home & Style - Rebrand Group

For Extrimo brand we have elaborated a line of packages for balanced food for rodents. The products needed a modern packaging design, which communicated their premium character and designation. We have focused expressive and at the same time subtle branding elements around a “window” that shows the contents of package. Clear layout with monochromatic graphics of plant compositions gives the package a unique artistic trait. Pastel background in a warm shade of grey unobtrusively exposes composition’s elements. The whole design is supplemented by carefully drawn icons, which perfectly resonate with package’s nature and communicate food’s qualities. Friendly and bright “Lolo Pets” logotype expresses pleasure coming from having pets and subtle typefaces emphasise the premium nature of product.

For Polish brand of exclusive decorative systems for walls, we have made a lifting of packaging line. In order to reinforce product communication, we have applied an orderly and legible layout. A significant element of the new image is modernised logotype in a straightforward, reinforced form. Discrete, technical fonts blend well with the label composition and they inscribe into the current graphical trends. The logo we have placed on a large surface of corporate, orange colour, which has reinforced the professional character of the brand and made the product stand out on shelf. The content of the messages we have stressed by adding schematic drawings.

Tesco Pet Specialist is a line of specialised pet food of high quality for dogs and cats, without artificial aromas and colourings. Our intention was to emphasise the premium nature of the brand, as well as its specialist approach to the products for the quadrupeds. Hence, we have devised a really orderly composition and transparent layout of new packagings. The leading motive of our communication is realistic photograph of animal and well pronounced iconography with synthetic icons demonstrating the advantages of the forage. Discrete colour and legible typography reinforce the effect of expertness. And strong, discernible logo builds trust towards the brand.

For popular brand Farmona we have prepared new packages for appetising line of cosmetics for cleaning and body care. To emphasise the unique nature of products: positive impact on mood and seductive fragrance, we bet on expressive and vivid colours. Big, realistic graphics of flowers and fruits communicate customer about the naturalness of components and promise of extraordinary sensations for senses. We wrote the name of the whole line using simple, sans-serif font that reinforced its readability.

Farmona - Rebrand Group
Farmona - Rebrand Group
Farmona - Rebrand Group
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